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Workshops for Parents

-All workshops are created with you in mind. No workshop will be the same because it's you who decides what's important to you and which solutions are right for you!

Sleep Workshop

What can I do to get my baby / toddler to sleep earlier?

How can I avoid bedtime battles?

What can I do to encourage my child to sleep through the night?

How can I keep my child in their bed?

Restoring Calm with a Toddler in the House

How can I avoid supermarket Strops?

What can I do to avoid public tantrums?

How can I encourage my Toddler to share?

What can I do to avoid food fights?

What can I do to make bedtimes less of a battle zone?

What's the best way to toilet train my toddler?

Remaining Positive with a Teenager in the family

What steps can I take to build a better relationship with my teenager?

How can I get my teenager to co-operate?

What can I do to support my teenager through adolescence?

How can I encourage my teenager to value the importance of study?

How can I manage the amount of time my teenager spends 'watching screens'?

What can I do to protect my teenager from the web?

What can I do to support my teenager to be more resilient?