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What people say about Strive for Success with Millie

I felt the coaching sessions I had with Millie have enabled me to deal with a number of things I was struggling with in my everyday life. Millie made me feel at ease in my coaching sessions and that nothing was a silly or invalid thing to say. She dealt with my issues with tact and respect, no matter how small or large they were. Millie asked great questions to help me make decisions by making me question myself about things. She supported me to find techniques that have helped me and continue to help me. Millie's coaching has had a very positive impact on my life and I know I could not have made these positive changes without her.                   


Working with Millie has helped me work through problems logically and find solutions that I may otherwise have missed. She has encouraged me to confront difficult questions and find creative answers. I have thoroughly enjoyed our coaching sessions. I feel I am better equipped to deal with the challenges of this phase of my life as a result of Millie's coaching.


Millie's calm and supportive nature has enabled me to be more positive when facing challenges to achieve my goals. I found the positive affirmations Millie encouraged me to chant extremely affective. The sessions we share encouraged me to take action and full responsibility towards achieving my goals.


The coaching by Millie was tremendous. Whilst just talking aloud I was able to gain a greater perspective with my work/life ratio and my self/family ratio. It has been invaluable. I am able to draw on the guidance given to 'manage' what I want to attain and achieve from all situations.

I am truly thankful for the opportunity.


Millie has been such a fantastic personal support for me. I have a tendency to procrastinate and therefore not achieve the goals I set out to complete. For my first goal Millie initially supported me to focus on how to equip myself to get started on the goal. This has had a fundamental effect on all my goals as I now prioritise on how to get started, with any new goal. The key for me was organisation and planning the logical steps to help me see my goal from fruition to completion.


The overall impact of the coaching sessions has been very positive. They have enabled me to remember, and connect with, the reason behind my goal, which has made it easier to create an actionable list of things to do. This self-generated list of things to do has helped me break my goal down into manageable chunks, thus making it seem more achievable.


For the most part, even when I didn’t achieve my goals, which was infrequent, I was still able to identify important blocks and gain a new perspective on particular areas of my life so all my sessions made an impact. 

I’ve made some significant decisions based upon the coaching and have found it a useful tool in holding me accountable and helping me commit to the things I said I would do in the sessions.

As a direct result of the coaching I have started researching doing a Masters next year, I have weaned my daughter and have better quality sleep as a result, and I have identified precise things I can do in order to improve my well being.


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