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Why should I choose Coaching?

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes" Marcel Proust

Do you have a goal or an idea you want to achieve?
Coaching will support you to climb the 'Mountain of Success'.

Does your life need a new challenge?
Are you struggling to decide which direction your life should head towards?

Then coaching is right for you

Coaching, like mentoring, consulting and mentoring offers a service which encourages reflection and action. Ultimately it will enable the Coachee to achieve success in one or more areas of their life. It is a relationship based on confidentiality. A good Coach uses the dual skills of active listening and effective questioning to support the Coachee to achieve a goal; something the Coachee wants to be, do or have.

Coaching is not based in the past. Coaching is present and future focused; it supports the Coachee to take action, to achieve a goal. Of course there maybe events in the past which prevent the Coachee from achieving their goal. The Coach will then support the Coachee to explore these limiting beliefs and values so that they are no longer a barrier to success; by asking challenging questions which explore how these factors can impede progress and enable the Coachee to jump these hurdles or to discover a way around them, the Coachee can progress towards achieving their goal.

Coaching is non-directive and the Coachee is considered to be the expert. The Coach's expertise lies in the coaching process, which supports the Coachee to discover the best way forward, for them, without giving advice. A good Coach knows that the Coachee is the person with the answers, they may just need support to uncover them.

Coaching is not for you if you want someone to give you the answers by sharing their experiences; Nor is coaching the answer if you want your problems diagnosed and solved. Coaches believe that you are the expert and therefore you have the answers and the solutions; the job of the Coach is to encourage and support you to discover those solutions and answers for yourself.

  • Coaching sessions last between 30 minutes and an hour - you choose.

  • Most people choose to have a session every 2-4 weeks - you choose.

  • Some people address one larger goal whilst others choose to work on several smaller goals- you choose.

  • Sessions can be an isolated one off but most people choose one of our packages; these traditionally offer better results and better value for money.

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