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Personal Tutoring Service

As a teacher with over 20 years experience, teaching 4 to 11 year olds, I understand how frustrating it can be to know that your child is not receiving the education, which most suits their needs.

It might be that your child is finding an area of the curriculum challenging and as a result is not only falling behind their peers but is also losing self-confidence and this is impacting on other areas of their education.

Alternatively your child may just need temporary support when they are unable to attend their normal place of education as a result of illness, school-phobia/ anxiety or more recently, as a result of school closure.


Perhaps your child finds school easy and you believe that they are not being given sufficient challenge and therefore have become bored, or they;re not achieving their true academic potential.


Whatever the reason for choosing to engage a personal tutor for your child, at Strive for Success we promise to deliver a personalised tutoring package for your child/ children. This package will be enjoyable but supportive, confidence boosting but challenging. It will develop resilience and determination whilst  enabling your child to develop new skills and a determination to succeed


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