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Using Coaching in Education

Working with you to improve staff well-being alongside teaching and learning.

The Teaching and Learning Coaching wheel

A tool created to support your school to achieve Intent, Implementation

and Impact.

A simple tool designed to be used by all your professional whole team. It can

be used for peer to peer collaboration as well as your Leadership team. 

A foolproof coaching system that will provide evidence that all your staff are

involved in the school improvement whilst taking responsibility for their own professional development.

Personal Coaching sessions

Using my coaching skills to work with members of staff on their professional goals.

I will come to your school for the day and work with staff identified by you, in a 1:1 capacity. Each session will last from 30-60 minutes. Session length is chosen by you, according to the professional needs of your staff.

Personal coaching sessions can also be used to support managing stress in the workplace and working with teachers to create coping strategies and  therefore minimise days of sickness taken as a result of mental illness .

Well-being session

A session designed to improve the well-being of all staff. Lasts approximately an hour, so ideal for a staff meeting. All members of your team can participate.

Attendees create their own goal or aspiration - What do you want to be, do , have?

Everybody will then explore their current situation, internal and external obstacles to success as well as considering the resources and skills they already have to support them. Finally an individual way forward is created so that everybody can successfully begin to achieve their goal or aspiration.

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