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Coaching Young People

Being a young person can be lots of fun but it can also be a very difficult time. The brain is changing. It's making the transition from functioning  like a child's to that of an adult. In addition there are a ton of raging hormones running wild around their bodies. This combination leads to many feelings of anger. confusion, fear and insecurity.
Coaching is a programme which allows the young person to explore these feelings and the associated behaviours in a non-judgmental environment where they can decide what problems they want to solve and the best way forward for them. It is suitable for children from 11 years of age through to 22 years of age.
I can work with young people to explore any issues which they are finding challenging. The most common areas which young people want to explore are:
  • Creating better relationships with parents.

  • Exploring relationships with peers.

  • Balancing school work and their social life.

  • Dealing with the responsibilities of increased independence positively.

  • Managing stress associated with school and exams.

  • Preparing and supporting young people with transitions into different education settings, apprenticeships or the start of a new career.

  • Managing unwanted emotions such as anger and frustration.

  • Making decisions about the right future for them whether that's relating to further education or a choice of career. 

  • Maintaining a positive view of the future.

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